Wednesday, February 06, 2008

F22 community

The F22 boat build for me has been a long term process of learning new skills using new tools and materials. It has been an opportunity for making decisions on the choice of materials to get the best result on the basis of cost, benefit and budget. The build has offered both moments of reward and extreme disappointment. It has stimulated a discipline of work habits and standards to ensure the best quality. The boat build has become a practice where I have come to know myself better.

One thing for sure, the number of F22 builders willing to expose and share their experiences on their web sites has helped create an international community of people, that in the sharing, has made the long march easier to bear. This sharing has given others the confidence to undertake their own build. This is all good for Ian Farrier's F22 design.


Anonymous said...

Well said Grant.

When I read Ian's email, I had a feeling of loss, though I don't think that was his intent. What would the next posts be like? (Menno's tongue-in-cheek 'attach the things to the something, which I'm not going to show' took me a second)

The online sharing of detailed experiences helps those building and can only encourage those wondering, 'could I build too?' It certainty played into my psyche that I wasn't alone ( . . . and has left me feeling guilty that I haven't shared as much as I've learned).

I appreciate the concerns about posting of intellectual property.

But personally, I think that a larger group of online builders can only build the strength of the community and the Farrier Brand. Just last weekend an acquaintance who knew I was beginning to build a 'boat' started a conversation, "a guy at work was telling me about these Farrier trimarans he's seen on the web . . ." -- "thats what I'm building!!"

So we must strive for a balance that meets everyone's concerns, but the potential is here for something my Dad only dreamed of when he was building his trimaran in the 60's. As a charter member of the Northwest Multihull Association he is amazed by the rapid exchange of ideas between builders in the 'Farrier Building Association'. And the quality of the detailed plans.

Without this web community I likely wouldn't have found out about the F-22. I would never have tried vacuum infusion (thanks Henny), nor would I have used the 'poor man's vacuum bagging' technique (thanks Grant [post Nov 7/07], who thanks Biol for his comment on Jay's site . . .) to rescue a corner that wasn't going to infuse on my first attempt at RI. Thanks to the many that have responded to my emails, Jay for letting me visit for a day . . .

And thanks Ian for a career dedicated to the constant improvement of your ideas, from the Trailertri of the 70's to the F-22 of the new millennium.

Back to building, and hoping I don't have any cause for 'blog withdrawal' . . .
Andrew R.
F-22 Sail #61

Menno said...

I agree with Grant and Andrew. I think showing on websites in some detail it is possible and (mostly) good fun to build a Farrier design is good for the designer and the builders. I for instance decided to buy my F22-plans after reading the step-by-step FRAM-site. I'm sure there will be lots of others like me.

I too can understand Ian Farrier is concerned about posting of intellectual property. I'll be careful not to give any of that away (pictures of plan drawings, information about cloth weight, detailled information about alignment jigs, that kind of thing). However I don't see why I shouldn't show the general building steps. The vertical strip method is no secret, it's documented on Ian Farriers own site. For the rest it's just glueing and laminating foam + some tricks and techniques me and other builders thought of or tried - this is common knowledge, documented all over the internet.

So I'll go on showing the build and will stay careful not to show design-specific things. If Ian Farrier thinks I'm already out of line and should end my blog, I'm sure he would have contacted me personally, and not by means of a general mail to all builders.

Fram said...

I agree with you all. I'm convinced that these Farrier build websites returns in a profit for Ian Farrier. By the way, he deserves that.

When someone wants to make a business in selling/building his own type of F22 like trimaran, but don't have the intellect or money for the design and/or engeneering qualities, the quickest way to do that is to buy the F22 plans and use Ian's inventions in the copy. That's much more quicker and easier than copying the limited informations from home builders websites.

I'm afraid this kind of people do exist :-(

Nevertheless, be carefull with Ian's intellectual property. This is builder's responsibility.

Just my 2cts.


(and keep up the good work !!)

GK said...

I appreciate everyones comments,
I personally plan to continue with an emphasis on finished parts (or finished parts of parts of ...). I will try not to show the 'how' just the 'what'.