Sunday, February 03, 2008

Port side daggerboard case laminated

The system would only pump down to -15 in. of Hg.

...but it looks OK. There is a very clean looking rope channel. You can't really see the e-glass uni-directional but it is all there along with the high density inserts and the multiple layers of 8.9 oz cloth. On the starboard side I completed last April I used Areopoxy resin but both sides have identical weights and types of fiberglass. So I should be OK. I waiting for it to cure some more before I 'pry' it off the case.

One error I made on the starboard side was to put a 45 degree shape along the keel and deck trim lines. Not this time, I put the 45 degree shape on the foam (which is only there to aid in the fiberglass lay up) past these trim lines so that they can be trimmed square. If you look closely at the plans you can see this. When I do fit the case I suppose there will be a larger putty fillet on the starboard side.

I'm glad the major laminating for this part is done.

As I mentioned earlier I'm thinking of using a graphite/epoxy coating on the above water bearing surfaces. Below the waterline I am thinking about using Interlux VC performance epoxy, not only in the case but everywhere on the boat. It is meant for performance boats that are trailered, and has no anti-fouling properties. It also incorporates some Teflon to make the surface slippery and easier to wet sand. If anyone has any strong opinions on this I'd like to hear from you. I have no experience with it but I do know it has been used on J-24's.

Since Raven will live on a trailer I will not have any use for anti-fouling paint. I speak from experience when I say I hate anti-fouling paint. A very large part of my decision to build the F-22 was to get rid of marina fees and have a boat I could take anywhere and 'enjoy' ramp launching.

The port side came out of the mold fairly easy this time. I think the extra coats of wax over top the plastic tape really does help.

Here are the two halves ready for trimming, painting and joining.

I am impressed with the resultant sharpness of the rope channel.

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