Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fabricated parts drawings

I have finally got around to getting the drawings out for a local quote for the fabricated parts. The quote has gone out to the machine shop manager here. I have separated the drawings into two major assemblies. One for the beams that Ian Farrier has indicated that Precourt can make for $1240 USD (this looks very reasonable) and one set for the mast step. There are other parts for the mast which cannot be made yet. I have asked for pricing on 1 set and 5 sets. The greater the number of parts you can make on one set up the cheaper the price. I'm sure the Precourt price is based on having 5 sets or more to make at a time. I'm not sure if I will be able to do better than that. I am hoping I can get some other builders to in with me for that very funky and exciting mast step design. I'll have to order that S.S. ball soon.

Update Monday Feb. 18th: The shop came back with the comment that they cannot compete with the price as quoted by Ian Farrier and Precourt for the beam assembly parts, and have declined to quote.


Menno said...

That's a shame, but in a way maybe good news as buying the parts from Precourt apparently is good value for money.
Are you going to try to get other qoutes, or will you let it be?

Grant said...

I think for the beam assembly I will leave it at that. Precourt are experienced at these parts and I am comfortable with placing my order there. Precourt operate out of Montreal, Canada so the shipping will not be a great issue for me.

But, I will be getting a quote for the mast step assembly back any time now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a good specialty metals company that can produce custom made metal parts at a reasonable price?