Monday, February 18, 2008

Joining the daggerboard case

I adhesively sealed the machine screws into place (making them studs) and then smeared some high quality silicon over the S.S pan heads. I didn't think it could hurt the cause of anti-corrosion. The bare fiberglass cut edge will be sealed as I join the daggerboard halves with epoxy resin and later with paint. A last look before it is on the inside forever. Starboard side of the case and all ready for laminating the forward edge. Here is a picture of the aft side edge all laminated and with plastic over the peel ply. I generally work the fiberglass and epoxy resin through the plastic till the epoxy has set to the point where the plastic starts to tear from my 'gentle' ministrations with the squeegee.

Joined, the case weighs somewhere between 19-20 lbs. I think it turned out Ok considering the poor vacuum I was achieving in its construction.

Here is the case free standing with the boys and our young Australian shepherd Cali who just has to be part of everything. Not really standing headroom in this boat! It is interesting though how the boat parts move around in the house.


Tor Rabe said...

Seems to be great work! I love following your progress.

Roger said...

It is more than ok. ;-)
My dagger board is 21 lbs, all included with this heavy copper color in the lower quarter aria.
Great job....

GK said...

Hi Roger,
I just poured the keel insert yesterday. That will add a bit of weight. But I want to carry on and cut the dagger board profile out. I actually have a daggerboard to check the fit.