Friday, January 25, 2008

Daggerboard case coating and new boat logo

Thanks to Eric who has sent me a pdf of a completely different concept for the boat logo. I think it is starting to get close but may need some tweaks yet. I like the subtle use of the Farrier boat insignia (I will approach Ian for permission if I end up using this) and the abstract artistic indication of the trimaran floats. Thank you Eric.

Back to the daggerboard case work. I have the HD inserts and the foam pieces cut out and glued together. I've also realized that I will be coating the inside sections of the case halves soon. Roger has used a graphite/epoxy mixture for this coating and I like this decision. The daggerboard will to some extent bear on the case and this kind of coating seems best. I'm also thinking to coat before I actually trim the part sides to the final dimension, as I expect this coating may end up with a significant thickness.

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