Monday, January 14, 2008

Wingnet rails and support part 2

The support part for the wingnet rail turned out very nice. It will be cut into the four 3in wide pieces at a later date. The edges will also have to be trimmed. This will wait until I am fitting them on the float decks. I was surprised at how strong the part appears after two days of epoxy hardening. I suspect 7 layers of s-glass might be over-kill. Looking at how much cloth the rail will be using I decided to use 6 layers of s-glass laminate on the wingnet mold.

I cut the cloth and the 6 pieces weighed in at ~58oz. I have to say that there was about 4 hours of hard work hand laying up the cloth on the mold. One good thing about the aeropoxy resin with the 2 hour hardener is that you really have a long, long time to work on the cloth. I needed every bit of this time for this large part. This resin has an amber colour so it is interesting for me to see this resin with the fiberglass only, no foam underneath.

Two days later the part is hardened enough to remove it from the mold. The untrimmed part weighs in at 108 oz. So it looks like I have a decent epoxy to fiberglass ratio. Bordering on a rave I cannot say how much the extra plastic over the peel ply helps. The plastic allows you to get out the air, pull out the extra resin very effectively and after all this I'm sure the 6 layers of cloth are very tightly packed together. This time I used some vacuum bag plastic on top of the outer peel ply layer. It works even better as it does not stretch like the cheap home depot plastic.

Now I just have to make another one.

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