Thursday, January 31, 2008

Test vacuum pull on the daggerboard case mold

Notes to myself on this test pull

  • Could not achieve a vacuum with the plastic tacked to the table. This could be because I have joined two pieces of table top to achieve the length required.
  • Putting the mold in a bag works much better. It is easier to arrange the plastic as it is pumping down, so that there is no bridging, i.e. less pleats. I used an extra piece of plastic underneath the mold for protection around sharp corners etc.
  • The vacuum pump works much harder with this mold; possibly the wood in the mold is degassing.
  • I've been getting away with the Home Depot plastic sheet, I don't see the need for buying more expensive bagging materials.
  • Hats off to the guys doing resin infusion, achieving a vacuum is tough enough for me, thinking about how the resin will flow... is too much for me. I just want this one part done and move on.

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