Wednesday, January 16, 2008

F-22 Construction books now complete

Our Canadian snail mail finally moved and I received my copy of Plan Book 2 today. I had already seen many of the drawings in pdf format but the new information is very welcome indeed. It looks like I will be adding some more high density inserts into the float decks and I am relieved to see some more detail on the wingnet rail attachment to the beams and the main sail traveler. With Ian's email of the fabrication part drawings the design information is pretty much complete.

In my day job we design and build machine assembly and test equipment. I have access to good machine shops and fabricators. If other builders are interested in a bulk order for these machined parts they should contact me. Most of the cost of machining is in the number of set ups. So increasing the number of parts per setup can really result in savings and more than pay for the cost of shipping.


Menno said...

I'm interested in participating in a bulk order of the parts. Hope a lot of other builders will be as well, so costs can be reduces as much as possible.

Maybe something to post on the google f22 builders group?


GK said...

Hi Menno,
I'm working on it. Roger (in Spain) has also expressed interest. I'll post something on the builders group soon.