Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Port side daggerboard case mold

I have put the daggerboard case mold together in the port side configuration. Now I just have to get the foam, HD inserts, and cloth cut and then I can vacuum bag this part. I've also got the plate made for the cheek block assembly machined - just have to get it anodized. I'm lucky in that we send out many batches of Al parts for anodizing at my workplace. One more small part in a batch costs nothing more.

Time is getting to be a rare commodity, but I do try to get something done every evening.

Ian Farrier has retired from making further comments on the yahoo F-boat forum so that he can concentrate on the F22 manufacturing activities . I had a mad thought to invite him to the F22 builders group.


eric1969 said...

Hello Grant, things are looking great. I am looking at starting my F22 this fall so I'm watching your blog with interest. Just a little further north of you. Oh and I noticed that your Logo is "a work in progress" I have an idea for you will send it off to you in PDF, I figured what the heck. Cheers and keep it up I'm reading with interest.

GK said...

Hi Eric,
How far North are you? Looking forward to the pdf.

eric1969 said...

Up around the Ottawa area, northwest of the city, along the Ottawa river.

I travel often to the Toronto area, perhaps I can stop by sometime.