Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wingnet rails and support

Work is still proceeding on the preparation of the daggerboard for the final carbon cloth sheathing. The filling in and fairing out on top of the uni carbon fiber is going well. The board is incredibly stiff and I have this idea to get a picture of the board cantilevered horizontal out from the top while I'm standing on the tip. Hmm, as the blind man said, 'we will see'.

I've had the wood cut for the wingnet rail and support molds since the Christmas break. So I've taken some time to glue and screw it all together and get this work underway.

Above you can see the support mold compared to the full sized plan drawing. Jay, if you read this, I only changed your angles slightly. It looks close enough to me.

Above is the 7 layers of 8.9 oz s-glass laid up against the mold. Why 7 layers? Well the specification calls for 4 layers of A - spec.18oz laminate. Four layers totals 4X18=72. S-glass fiber is allowed a 15% reduction. So I require 61 oz total of s-glass laminate. To get the required number of layers, 61/8.9 = 6.9 or 7 layers. I'll be using Aeropoxy resin for these parts, as I consider them more structural and not below the waterline. As a side note I considered using carbon cloth offcuts from the daggerboard but after thinking about it, I did not want to make them that stiff.

I have not bothered with vacuum bagging this part. The cloth is very drapeable and with the use of peel ply and plastic I am quite confident in the quality of the part that I can get.

Here is the 9 foot plus mold for the wingnet rail and taped up, waxed and ready. It's all set to go as soon as cut the required cloth, peel ply and plastic.

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