Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'Doing the Uni' on the daggerboard

Happy new year! Now back to work.

I could only locally source 9oz uni-directional carbon fiber, which I verified is not close enough to the required specification of 12-13 oz weight.
So instead of the seven layers described in detail in the plan book I decided to lay down 10 layers using the following strategy.

lengths of unidirectional tape starting at top (in mm)


Then going down every 34 mm







I think this preserves the distribution of the carbon as the designer intended.

Here is a picture showing the 10 pieces of carbon uni laid out in the board rebate.

Whetted out and under peel ply and plastic.

Peel ply and plastic removed. The board weighs about 10 lbs with the uni-directional fiber in place on one side. It looks like a finished carbon F-22R daggerboard will weigh ~ 15 lbs or less. The board still looks very rough. I promise it will look better. You can see one error in the above picture, I made the mistake of rebating too deep in the lower part of the board. It means more Quick Fair putty and more weight.
One can always improve... one learns through one's mistakes ...etc etc.

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